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Success Stories

Meet Bo Peep A Story of Hope - A Journey of Faith

This precious soul, Bo Peep, was taken to the "Kill" shelter in South Louisiana. She was found wandering alone on a road while blind, matted and starving. Many Blind furbabies are deemed unadoptable in shelters, but the Shelter Manager KNEW HER LIFE MATTERED! Bo Peep remained in the shelter awaiting her family to reclaim her, but nobody ever came for her. She waited and prayed for a MIRACLE...FOR someone to see her and BELIEVE IN HER! The Shelter Manager contacted Hope & Hearts 4 Paws and she was immediately given her FREEDOM RIDE hours away to her foster home filled with love! Since then, she has been assessed by an eye surgeon and is deemed a candidate to have eye surgery to restore her vision. Please JOIN US IN BO PEEPS JOURNEY TO LIFE HER FROM THE DARKNESS and GIVE HER THE DESPERATELY NEEDED SURGERY and a BRIGHT FUTURE. Her surgery is $3417.00 and we cant do it without you!

Emergency Funds needed for Tulip.  Her bones were broken, but her spirit was not! Give the gift of life!


Tulip, rescued on March 16 after being hit by a car, was given 2 options: Emergency Surgery or Euthanization. To Hope and Hearts 4 Paws Rescue, there was only ONE OPTION....TO SAVE THIS PRECIOUS 2 year old through providing the desperately needed surgery to rebuild her hips. Her HIPS were shattered! But luckily Dr Bob Hancock at South Paws Veterinary Center in Mandeville, La was able to provide the surgery and rebuild her hips. Tulip's LIFE MATTERED and without surgery, she would never be able to walk again! Hope and Hearts 4 paws is a 501c3 non profit organization that operates only from donations from Angels such as yourself. Please donate today and help us continue to save these precious souls in need. You may also donate through Paypal to or to South Paws Veterinary Clinic at 985-809-1590. Give the gift of LIFE through your tax deductible donation. Please contact us on if you have any questions. Thank you and GOD BLESS THOSE THAT CARE!

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